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Learning Strategies                  (03\01\07)

This test was basically for learning how to study effectively.


Technology and Society      (03\01\07)

This unit explained the effects of technology on our society and how some of it came about.


Internet Basics                     (03\09\07)

I learned basic internet stuff like browsers and search engines and their uses and the different kinds.


Using The Internet           (03\16\07)

This was a practical, the test involved researching the answers on the internet and I have never been a surfer therefore I barely passed this test.


Managing and Supporting Windows                              (03\25\07)

This test I learned to get around windows and fix some minor things and where to find system resources so now i can maybe not have to call on my husband as often.


Advanced Windows            (03\29\07)

I learned basic troubleshooting in this course.


Troubleshooting Windows     (04\01\07)

I learned a little more advanced troubleshooting skills.


Essential Web Publishing Skills   (04\10\07)

This course was all about publishing and editing skills.


Elements of Design               (04\12\07)

This course was about different design styles and font styles and color coordinating and the like.


Computer Graphics           (04\18\07)

This course taught about the different types of graphics and which are best for what circumstance.


Designing Electronic Documents
     (practical exercise)              (04\19\07)

More studies on Web design and different documents.


HTML Fundamentals            (04\28\07)

I learned the basics of HTML, most of which I already knew, but I also learned some things I didn't know.


Introduction to Web Page Design                       (05\02\07)

More basic stuff before the real indepth stuff starts.


Web Page Fundamentals
(practical exercise)            (05\07\07)

In this exercise I had to find web sites and critique them basically just for practice and to realize the difference between poorly done pages and great ones.


Introduction to Web Development and Macromedia DreamWeaver       (05\13\07)

Learning how to use the DreamWeaver program to make Web pages.


Creating a DreamWeaver Web Page and Local Site                  (05\14\07)

I was walked step by step in the use of the DreamWeaver features. Starting my first web site for grading: Colorado National Parks and Monuments


Adding Web Pages, Links and Images                     (05\27\07)

Part two of the making of my first web site: Colorado National Parks and Monuments


Tables and Page Layout              (05\27\07)

Adding tables to the Colorado Parks web site.


Graded Project: Colorado Parks web site

Completion and submitting the web site, the text books gave me exact instructions on this site so a good grade was highly likely.


Graded Project: Animals Web site

I was instructed to do a web site on any animal I wanted to, I chose Llamas, the entire web site was my work, Penn Foster only provided the subject. (the link can be found on my what i have done page)


Graded Project: Hobbies Web site


My grade is in, I submitted it last night before I left to go work an overnight shift after only 45 minutes of sleep, the page has been done for weeks tho, I was just in no hurry to upload it.


Internet Security

I missed 2 questions on this test, just a case of misreading the question, after re-reading it after the grade came in I realized I had marked the wrong answer... oh well at least I still passed!!



This lesson was to help me understand exactly how e-commerce works.


Introduction to Internet Programming

I learned a lot about different programs like browsers and languages.


Uploading Web Pages This one was fairly simple, I already knew how to upload web pages but as you can see from my grade there were some things I didn't know. Obviously a couple of things I didn't get right.


Graded Project: Security and E-Commerce

This lesson involves 4 different projects that require internet surfing and research and I am not a surfer as was obvious on exam #4 Using the Internet.
wish me luck with this one I will need it. I guess my surfing skills have improved!


Graded Project: Final Web Page This is my final exam. I will be doing a "Student Trips" website.