About Me

I am 46 and have just started studying Web page design, I have always enjoyed doing Web pages and decided to take the steps to be better.
I am currently taking classes from Penn Foster online and really enjoying it and learning a lot.

I have just finished my html basics training and will be starting the really hard stuff.

****Update June 14 2007****

I am now to the point of doing the fun stuff, making acutal pages and sending them online for the instructor to evaluate, I am just waiting for a shipment in the mail of the program they want me to work with. As of now I have finished 18 of the 27 exams and am averaging a 93% overall, I am keeping my fingers crossed that does not change with the completion of actual web page grades.

**UPDATE August 28 2007**

I am down to two exams left in the program, I recieved 100% on all three of my web design projects. I am currently working on an internet research project, I am not good at surfing the internet but I hope to do well on this on as I am definately going to take my time on it. You can find all of the grades listed on the test scores link on the main page.

**UPDATE July 30 2008**

I have been putting off working on my final project but it's time I get busy on it. I have to do a web site titled Student Trips and am having a hard time coming up with field trip sites, I have decided to research places in Oregon, my home state, and have decided on 3 places in Portland Oregon: 1) Pittock Mansion, 2) OMSI- Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and 3) The Portland Zoo. I should be getting this done and submitted in the next couple of weeks.

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