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Below you will find a list of Web pages I have done, not only did I do this page I am currently hosting a web page for a friend's beauty salon, it is mainly for experience, and then of course there is the brag page, my own personal web site! Feel free to check them out and send me an e-mail to let me know what you think of them.

Studio G Beauty salon located in Sarcoxie Missouri
My Brag Page My personal home page
Llamas Matter My first web page for grading done solely without help from Penn Foster, I got 100%   I recieved an email from two of the Llama Web sites linked on this page and they both loved the work I did on it, makes me feel pretty good about the page.
My second web page, Hobbies is complete and graded I got 100%   on it as well!
Three Rivers Realty

This web site I made for a real estate company in Neosho Missouri a friend of mine works for, Three Rivers Real Estate.

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